Hank Thomas: Law & Dishonor

Half A Century Ago, The Courage of the "colored" collided with the infractions in the law within the Deep South. Bloody heads, unbowed to the committed foe of injustice, held high the banner of liberty set forth by the Consitution and the Supreme Court. One of the warriors in this battle against racial oppression, the unconquerable Henry "Hank" Thomas, rose from the back seat of segregated anonymity to occupy a front seat on a bus traveling toward a goal for civil rights. The course was mapped out for a journey called "freedom," and its riders used determination as a compass to reach their destination.

"Anyone under the age of 40 knows nothing about being refused service in a restaurant, or a hotel room. We've gotten way beyond that," Mr. Thomas says. "We have a very strong middle class in job opportunities. The average Black household is middle class.". .  Read More